4 Common Types of Natural Stone For House Exterior

There are 4 common types of natural stone for house exterior to make a house look artistic. Besides looking artistic, natural stone also giving impression of a house being stunning. Usually, people install the natural stone on floors, walls, pillars, and ponds. First of all, we need to know that it has 2 kinds of characteristic, there are solid and non solid. Based on these characteristics, the most suitable for house exterior is the solid one. Because, it is sturdy and it doesn’t absorb water. So, here are 4 common types of natural stone for house exterior.

Granite Natural Stone

Granite is a large stone and sturdy, even granite is one of the hardest stone. Commonly, granite stone has light color such as grey, brown or reddish. Granite can give the impression of luxury when apply to floor or walls of the house, whether it is for interior or exterior.


Limestone is preferred to be used as exterior wall of a house, because this stone is easier to be carved than others. Besides that, this stone will be weathered naturally over the years. So, this will make your exterior house wall, floor or pound look more unique and natural.

Quartzite Natural Stone

Quartzite is one of the most favorite natural stones for exterior wall of a house. Because this stone has very durable quality even though after many years. In addition, this stone also has shiny look on its surface. So, it gives impression of your house to be luxurious, modern and still natural.


If you want to have very stunning, elegant and extravagant house, marble is the best choice. Because marble not only has certain and unique pattern, but also beautiful combination of its color. So, you can use marble for your exterior tile, pillars or interior wall.

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