We require high-quality materials for home interiors. Many people prefer to use wood as a base material because each wood has unique color and fiber. We should know that wood has two properties: soft like cheddar wood and hard like oak and teak. So, let’s get to know 5 different types of wood for home interiors to learn more.

Oak Wood For Home Interiors

We can find oak tree easily in North American Forest. This tree yields oak wood. There are two kinds of oak wood: white oak and red oak. White oak is a type of oak wood that is resistant to fungi and termites. However, oak wood is not heat resistant. So it warps easily when exposed to heat. As a result, many people use this wood popular for interior furniture.

Teak Wood For Home Interiors

Teak wood is a valuable wood. Because, in addition to being very strong and durable, this wood has a beautiful color. This wood is highly resistant to termites and is not easily deformed by weather changes. Furthermore, despite its hardness, teak wood is easy to shape. So the carpenters prefer this wood to make furniture and carve ornaments.

Pine Wood

Pine wood is a solid wood but not as hard and heavy as oak. This makes it durable and lighter when used on furniture. This wood usually has a yellowish-white and reddish-white color, which in the middle has a reddish-brown color. If you want to have a rustic or farmhouse themed house, then you can use this wood as an option.

Cheddar Wood

Cheddar wood has excellent resistance to both hot and cold weather. This wood is not easy to shrink, or warp. In addition, this wood is also resistant to termites and fungi. Cheddar has a fine grain, and a satin-like sheen. So it has an attractive and luxurious appearance. Many people choose this wood for flooring in homes, beds, cabinets, and others.


Maple is more affordable than other hardwoods. In addition, this wood can be easily stained to look like expensive mahogany. So that this wood is in great demand to be used as heavy items such as dressing tables and dining tables and other furniture.


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